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Quality control

Our quality control department (QCD) is equipped with control equipment of leading world firms «CarlZeiss» and "Mahr". QCD is an independent structural division of the company and reports directly to the Director, its task is to monitor the quality and completeness of manufactured now parts, components and finished products for their compliance with the standards, specifications, normals, standards and drawings, marking adopted and defective production, design in the prescribed manner to the received documents and the defective products, as well as the supervision of the removal of the final production of defective products in the specially arranged insulators marriage and surrender them to the waste. 

Installed Carl Zeiss Contura G2 RDS has the following features:

The maximum allowable measurement range

Dimensions X, mm Y, mm Z, mm
07.07.2006 700 700 600


Measurement accuracy


Measurement range X × Y × Z, mm Accuracy of linear measurements, mkm
700 × 700× 600 1.8 + L/300

otk_digimar otk_microskop otk_contura

 Our enterprise has undergone certification on ISO 9001:2008 concerning production of metal and plastic products by a machining method.

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