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"OLMISERVIS" LLC operates in the field of mechanical processing of materials in 2000. Currently, the company has more than 110 employees, including workers of basic professions account for more than 90 people.

On request, we are involved in all stages of the placing on the market of new products, from manufacturing and experimental prototypes prior to delivery to the production and release of all product lines.

Our main principle - a comprehensive solution of manufacture of mechanical parts of the product, including electroplating and painting details.

Specialization in the direction of the mechanical processing of materials ensures a constant load, the intensive use, rapid amortization, and hardware upgrades.

In the production process we have accumulated extensive experience in the machining of various materials: stainless steel, aluminum and copper-bearing alloys, titanium, various types of plastics.

The main types of work performed:

  • multitoools, 3-х (4-х) axis milling on CNC machining centers
  • turning on CNC machines
  • cutting the sheet material to laser cutting
  • flat, round and internal grinding
  • bending on CNC press
  • welding and heat treatment
  • locksmith works